Silver Star Doodles

Hello I’m Karen Smith at Silver Star Doodles, and we love our Goldendoodle Ruby! She has such a gentle and friendly nature that we thought it would be a great experience for our family to breed her. We had her vet checked, OFA tested with hips, elbows, cardiac and eyes (Good/Normal), health tested and genetic tested (‘clear’ for all breed diseases in Embark and Paw Print Genetics, 200+) and she passed with flying colours. Our motto is if you are going to do something, do it right. She has now had three litters, puppies with colours ranging from cream, apricot, red, chocolate brown, black and tri-colour phantom (black with tan and white points). In between our litters each year we enjoy our time on our hobby farm in the North Okanagan with Ruby, and our family of cows, cats and chickens, swimming/kayaking/paddleboarding/sailing in the local lakes and skiing in the winter and hiking with our dogs and their puppies.

Becoming a Goldendoodle breeder has been a joy and a learning experience. In addition to my bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Science (Animal Science) and MBA (General Management and Marketing) I have been studying up on dog breeding:

  • We are now a Goldendoodle Association of North America (GANA) registered Blue Ribbon breeder – the highest category which means we do gold standard health testing and adhere to the GANA code of ethics
  • Midwoofery courses:
    • Breeder Basic – Whelping
    • Breeder Basic – Litter Care for your Puppies critical first month
    • Cleaning, Disinfecting and Biosecurity for your litter
  • Puppy Culture – we have undergone the Puppy Culture training and are raising the puppies with these protocols (Early Neurological Stimulation, enrichment environment, early socialisation etc.) to raise resilient, happy and socialised puppies.
  • Badass Breeder – a step by step program to help raise world class puppies, including puppy evaluation, weekly guides to raising healthy empowered puppies.

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