Ruby is our lovely F1B Goldendoodle, she is four years old, and has a sweet, gentle and friendly temperament. She is our only breeding dog, as well as our family dog, and she is always with us in our home. Her father is a large black standard poodle and her mother is a cream coloured 50:50 F1 Goldendoodle (first generation). She is 65lbs in weight and is vet checked, OFA health (Eyes, Heart, Hips and Elbows all good/clear rating) and genetic tested ‘clear’ from both Paw Prints Genetics and Embark for all available health tests (200+), with good conformation and a lovely, friendly, social temperament. She is our ideal family dog and an exceptional mother to her lovely puppies.

She loves going for hikes in the local mountains sun, rain or snow, swimming in the lakes, car rides or cross country skiing with us in our field. She will never get tired of playing ball in our backyard or meeting new people and dogs. After an energetic outing she likes nothing better than to snuggle up with our cats Ollie and Smokey, or with us on our bed.

When Ruby was born she had a tan, wavy/fluffy coat. As she developed by about 5 weeks she had more of a cream, wavy, coat, then she became more wavy at a year.

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