Summer 2022 ‘Harry Pupper’ Litter

Our largest litter yet arrived June 12th, when Ruby delivered 15 healthy puppies, 7 girls and 8 boys, ranging from light cream, apricot and red/brown in colour. We are expecting these puppies to be between 45 – 60 pounds when fully grown, about the size of the average Golden Retriever. All of the puppies from this litter are now in their furever homes. If you would like to go on our waitlist please fill out a puppy application form here.

Meet the ‘Harry Pupper’ theme litter!

Harry Pupper – Red tag, darker brown, heaviest puppy

Fleur Dogacour – Reg tag, lighter brown, white spotting on forehead, paws, chest, tail

Ron Woofley – Orange tag, cream, white spotting on paws, chest, tail

Neville Dogbottom – Orange tag, darker brown coat

Luna Lovedog – Yellow tag, lightest cream coat, second heaviest puppy

Remus Woofus – Yellow tag, latte coloured brown coat, blue eyes

Albus Dumbledog – White tag, cream, white spotting on paws, chest, tail

Minerva McWoofagall – White tag, darker brown coat

Lily Pupper – Pink tag, mid brown coat

Molly Woofley – Pink tag, cream coat with some white spotting

Ginny Woofley – Light Blue tag, mid brown coat

Rufeus Hagrid – Green tag, cream, white spotting on paws, chest, tail

Hermoine Growler – Purple tag, darker brown coat

Oliver Woof – Dark Blue tag, darker brown, white spotting on paws, chest, tail

Sirius Bark – Black tag, Red Brown coat with white spotting

We selected Copper to be the stud of this litter as he has a lovely fun temperament, is 50lbs, 24” at the withers and has the same extensive health and genetic testing as Ruby.  Ruby is 63lbs, 25” high at the withers, and a lovely temperament, loves people and other dogs, and is a wonderful and caring mother to her pups! These puppies will be Registered Goldendoodles with GANA.

Both parents are:

  • F1B Goldendoodles, which is 75% Poodle, 25% Golden Retriever. Ruby’s parents were a straight Poodle and a first cross Goldendoodle (50:50)
  • Fully Furnished coat genes, which means no-shedding, closest to Hypoallergenic for dogs
  • As both parents have wavy (+/-) coats, we are expecting 25% Curly (+/+), 50% Wavy (+/-) and 25% Flat coats (-/-)
  • 100% clear for inheritable diseases that we can currently do genetic testing for through both Embark and Paw Prints Genetics (trust me, this is hard to find, no ‘affected’, ‘not affected’, ‘recessive’ or ‘dominant’ disease traits)
  • Both rated ‘Good’ for OFA Hips (no signs of Hip Dyspasia), ‘Clear/Normal’ for OFA Cardiac and Eyes, which means the puppies are not genetically disposed to Hip Dysplasia

Our puppies are raised in our home with our kids and cats, highly socialised, daily handling exercises, careful daily monitoring of weights to ensure all puppies are thriving. We undergo Puppy Culture and Badass Breeders curriculum, which includes Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and Scent Stimulation from Day 3 for 16 days. Curriculum advances with puppy enrichment protocols as they reach new benchmarks, the puppies are raised to know the world is safe, people are kind and dogs are friendly. Puppies are imprinted with the ‘puppy, puppy, puppy’ lifesaving recall, as well as their empowerment word ‘yes’. We will start them on basic commands, and crate and potty training, to help transition them into their new homes.

Puppies undergo vet clearance prior to going home, their first vaccine, dewormed,  microchipped and goodie bag containing a blanket with mom’s scent and a snuggle puppy. One of the most important things we do is give a voice to our puppies in their placement, as well as taking into consideration the families preferences. Each puppy undergoes an empowered temperament test so that we can help guide you to the best puppy for you based on your needs as well. We offer a 2 year health warranty, unlimited support and training advice, as well as a friendly and helpful puppy community of other owners.  Puppies are scheduled to go to their new homes after 8 weeks and vet clearances/vaccinations are completed.  As it is summer we are flexible with puppy pick up, and also offer to choose a day that suits all Lower Mainland/Vancouver Island families and will bring the puppies to meet you in Merritt, to make puppy pick up easier.  If coming from Calgary or Northern BC we can work out a meeting spot as well if preferred.

We have now found families for all of the puppies from this litter. If you are interested in adopting a puppy from a future litter please fill out the application form here, or email us at silverstardoodles@gmail.com if you have questions or would like more information about upcoming litters.

Summer 2021 ‘Pup Stars’ Litter

Ruby blessed us with 8 gorgeous Goldendoodle puppies in the early morning of Monday July 5th. We have 7 girls and 1 boy, 3 cream (like their Mom), 3 chocolate brown (like their Dad), 1 black and 1 phantom (black with brown tips, he’s the boy).

Let us introduce you to the ‘Pup Stars’ summer 2021 litter! In birth order:

  • Billie Houndlish – green collar, girl, chocolate brown coloured, wavy coat
  • Miley Ceberus – purple collar, girl, cream coloured, flat to wavy coat
  • Sia Ruff – light blue collar, girl, black coloured, curly coat
  • Lady Grr Grr – pink collar, girl, cream coloured, flat to wavy coat
  • Taylor Swooft – orange collar, girl, cream coloured, curly coat
  • Adele Barkington – red collar, girl, chocolate brown coloured, curly coat
  • Katy Puppy – yellow collar, girl, chocolate brown coloured, flat to wavy coat
  • Bruno Mutt – white collar, boy, black phantom coloured with brown tips, curly coat
A pile of puppies!

Winter 2020/21 Litter

Ruby’s first litter was five girls and four boys, ranging from light cream to dark brown, and every shade in between. Their parents are medium – standard size Golden Doodles, so they will likely be the same, it will be interesting to watch them grow and thrive. Puppies from this litter are now 18 months old, full size, and range from 43 – 63 pounds.

  1. Chimo – orange collar, boy, he was first born, cream coloured, straight – slight wavy coat
  2. Georgie – grey collar, boy, smallest of the litter, light tan coat colour, curly coat
  3. Tilly – dark blue collar, girl, lightest cream coat colour, wavy coat
  4. Remi – yellow collar, boy, darkest red/brown coat colour, straight – slight wavy hair coat
  5. Kalli – light blue collar, girl, cream colour, wavy hair
  6. Maddie – red collar, girl, light tan colour, wavy-curly hair
  7. Jessie – coral collar, girl, light tan colour, wavy hair, white back feet
  8. Fonzie – green collar, boy, cream colour, curly hair
  9. Violet – purple collar, girl, cream colour, curly hair
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